On The Fence: Where Music and Marketing Meet

A bit of history

When I finished my Master’s degree in musical composition 20 years ago, I had built myself a small studio in the basement of a commercial building with the help of a business partner. At the time, our goal was to knock on the door of every movie or tv production company in town, give them a copy of our demo tape and a provide them with a list of services we could provide. This was before blogs, Facebook, YouTube or any of the social media tools available today. Hell, it was even before the Internet was around or MP3 files existed. Computers were used to sequence music using MIDI software or print music sheets and that was it. When I look back, I see how the business has changed and how different the marketing tools for creative people are today. But aside from the music itself (and I’m not talking about specific styles that have evolved as the result of the technological changes made possible by computers), the challenge still remains the same: get a break in the business and make a living out of it.

Twenty years later, I work in the social marketing sphere.

What happened to my music career?

I did get some great music gigs, had some decent music under my belt. I also had some talent and worked hard at it for a number of years, but it wasn’t really enough to pay the bills. So I had to make the decision to work in “related” businesses, offering “transferable” skills. One thing led to another, and here I am. Obviously, I’m cutting out the juicy bits because that’s not the point of this article.

Is this a blog about fences?

Along the years, I realized the Internet made it easier to get your music out there, but it doesn’t really offer any “new” visibility to small content creators. Furthermore, the people who hire you want more quality than ever at a price that is below cost for a small shop. Volume (not loudness, but quantity) is the only savior in most cases.

On the other hand, social marketing is about making a mark, getting noticed, creating a story that people will want to share. Making a brand (you, in this case) stand out over all others. Transform an image/sound into something remarkable.

My goal will be to stay on the fence, like a cat between two yards and look at both sides until I see something of interest: comment on things I hear in my marketing career that can apply to someone trying to start in the music or sound business. But also provide some creative perspective to the sometimes result-driven marketing world.

As with all things on this earth, change is inevitable and growth is organic in nature, so I hope you will enjoy the discussion as it evolves and will participate with your own ideas and personal experiences.

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